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Bringing counselling to you, wherever you may be.

Whether you commute on clogged urban motorways, live in a rural district with limited access to psychologists, or work long hours and juggle children and other responsibilities, it is often hard to fit travel and appointments into your busy schedule. If that is the case for you, then online counselling can be an invaluable way to reach the therapist of your choice. It makes taking care of yourself that little bit easier.

I offer online counselling throughout New Zealand and, as with in person counselling, our initial appointment is an opportunity to see how we can work together. It’s also a chance to see if you’re comfortable with the online process. There is no commitment to further sessions.

I generally use Skype, Zoom or Facetime for online sessions with audio and video. Chat, email and telephone can also be useful.

Research indicates that online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy and has significant advantages making the locations and times of sessions more flexible. Meeting in person has some practical benefits and, in some cases, meeting for the initial session in person is a useful option but it isn’t practicable for everyone. Online therapy is unlikely to be suitable for severe psychological difficulties or people experiencing suicidal or psychotic symptoms.

If you’d like to discuss the options of online therapy you are welcome to get in touch and we can set up an initial online discussion.

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