We all experience anxiety in our everyday lives. It’s normal to feel some worry, fear or tension when we’re facing stressful situations.

Job interviews, interpersonal conflict and public speaking are examples of everyday events that most of us find stressful. However, that same anxiety can spiral out of control. When it does so, it can dominate our lives. In serious cases, anxiety can undermine our health, our career, and our social and financial well-being.

Some of the more common anxiety related problems I’ve helped clients recover from include:

→ Social anxiety

→ Generalised anxiety (excessive worry)

→ Panic attacks

→ Fear of specific triggers such as flying or spiders

→ Obsessive and compulsive behaviours

→ Agoraphobia

→ Separation anxiety

For some clients there are no conscious triggers for their anxiety. This can be confusing for the individual and his or her family. Careful assessment is required as this may, for example, suggest underlying developmental trauma and can have important implications for treatment.

Treatments for anxiety related problems normally include evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Many clients benefit from simply building awareness of their anxious or collapsed states, and then learning how to transition into a safe and more socially available state.

Your personal treatment is tailored for you and depends on your personal preferences and what approach will work for you. In some circumstances, medication is also helpful.

We can work together to find your unique path to freeing yourself from the debilitating effects of anxiety.

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