Rodger Pool Counselling Psychologist

However stuck you might feel right now - that is where we start

Counselling Psychologist Feedback

Even looking on this counselling website is a positive step in taking care of yourself. There are times when it is good to accept that, after everything you have been through, you need some help and support. As humans it is natural for us to seek out the warmth and help of other people. It also works.

I am registered with the NZ Psycvhologists Board, with a specialist counselling scope of practice. You are welcome to contact me to discuss your needs. This is a free and no obligation opportunity for you to speak with me and decide if I am a good fit for you. It also helps me to know whether I can be of genuine assistance to you.

If you are uncertain whether counselling can help you, please check out the sample questions I have listed on the Questions page.

If you’re ready to explore the art of living fully then let’s talk. Call me on 0800 763 437 or on 021736575, or email me.

Call or email to make an appointment.