Rodger Pool

PG Dip(Counselling Psychology) MHSc(First Class Hons), BHSc(First Class Hons), LLB(Hons), BA, Dip Bus

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My Approach

I work collaboratively with you so that we journey together through whatever difficulties you may be experiencing. I use a range of different therapeutic approaches to meet your particular needs and preferred ways of working. I am influenced by narrative therapy, person centred counselling, emotion focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, compassion focussed therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. For clients with spiritual dimensions to their lives I ensure their spiritiual beliefs are fully integrated into the work we do together and not treated as separate. For clients who are interested, I also specialise in helping with mindfulness practices. Modern science is producing a wealth of research evidence in support of the positive effects of mindfulness (sometimes known as attention training). For many, it is the beginning of experiencing the natural bravery and wisdom that we are born with.

My personal commitment to you is to work collaboratively with you to weave a treatment plan that will work for you and to continually adapt it as we progress forward.


My qualifications are in counselling psychology (PG Dip, MHSc(First Class Hons), BHSc(First Class Hons)), law (LLB(Hons)), business (Dip Bus) and arts (BA). Working across different disciplines has helped me to think fluidly and flexibly.


Through counselling psychology, advocacy and coaching roles I have accumulated over 35 years of experience helping people struggling to cope in their personal and working lives, often in intense and pressured situations. This journey has included working within a multi-disciplinary public health team, working within a university counselling service, and helping people through challenging employment issues. I have also worked with people engaging in transformative personal journeys.

Voluntary Work

In my private capacity I started voluntary counselling in the 1980s. Today I volunteer as a meditation instructor and teacher of secular mindfulness programmes designed for people of any (and often no) spiritual or religious orientation. Modern research strongly supports the use of mindfulness and self compassion practices in counselling. As an experienced and trained meditation instructor and teacher it is natural for me to blend mindfulness and self-compassion into treatment when that is desired by my clients.


My research interest is in the ever growing assimilation of ancient mindfulness and compassion practices into the scientific frame of western psychology and how that can be facilitated without losing the essence of what human wisdom traditions and cultures the world over have to offer. I value a holistic counselling service that is neither blind to nor blinded by the opportunities that modern western psychology and wisdom traditions offer.